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Women for Palestine (WFP) are a network of women from varying cultural backgrounds and beliefs committed to Palestinian justice and peace in Palestine.


WFP formed in April 2002 in Melbourne, Australia following the Battle of Jenin as a movement advocating for Palestinians unable to speak about their plight. WFP's prime objective is to raise awareness of the Palestinian identity in history and the events that led to the Palestinians being dispossessed, then occupied by the UN-created state of Israel.


WFP hope to foster better understanding amongst Australians of the Palestinian struggle for justice, freedom, peace and self-determination, and give Australians the confidence to protest what WFP deem as violations being carried out against the Palestinians in defiance of international law, UN resolutions and human rights conventions.

WFP intends to create a space for women to inform, protest and express their frustrations over perceived Australian media bias. Over four years, WFP held weekly vigils in Melbourne's CBD to provide a familiar presence for Palestine and a point of contact for people wanting to know more about the issues.


WFP programs and activities operate through a range of different media – including their website, newsletter, vigils, peaceful protests, letter writing, petitions, media appearances, cultural exhibitions, literary events, appeal dinners, and public lectures.

WFP today[edit]

WFP joined with Australians for Palestine (AFP) to advocate further for Palestinian issues. During the 2006 War on Lebanon and War on Gaza, AFP took on a more robust approach with advocacy aimed particularly at politicians and the media. Within that group, WFP continues to pursue its aims.



An event marking 40 years of Israel's occupation of Palestine.

"Remembering al-Nakba"

An event marking 60 years of Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

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