Women in Australia

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Women in Australia
StateLibQld 1 252713 Taking tea on the verandah, ca. 1910.jpg
Australian women having tea on a verandah in 1910
Gender Inequality Index[1]
Value 0.113 (2013)
Rank 19th out of 152
Maternal mortality (per 100,000) 7 (2010)
Women in parliament 29.2% (2013)
Females over 25 with secondary education 94.3% (2012)
Women in labour force 58.8% (2012)
Global Gender Gap Index[2]
Value 0.7390 (2013)
Rank 24th out of 136

Women in Australia have been described as to be "more independent and self-reliant than those in some other countries". They have rights, status and opportunities that are conferred to Australian men. Women share household chores with men.

Child rearing[edit]

In terms of motherhood, some modern-day Australian women may practice breastfeeding their babies in public.[3]

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