Women in Belgium

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Women in Belgium
Two modern-day women in Belgium
Gender Inequality Index[1]
Value 0.068 (2013)
Rank 9th out of 152
Maternal mortality (per 100,000) 8 (2010)
Women in parliament 38.9% (2013)
Females over 25 with secondary education 77.5% (2012)
Women in labour force 46.9% (2012)
Global Gender Gap Index[2]
Value 0.7684 (2013)
Rank 11th out of 136

Women in Belgium are European women who live in or are from Belgium. Generation after generation, Belgian women are able to close the so-called "occupational gender gap". In younger generations, this is due to the increasing availability of "part-time jobs in services" for women. In 1999, the average earnings of a Belgian woman was 91 percent of the salary of a Belgian man. When not doing part-time jobs, Belgian women still "do more of the domestic work", depending on the agreement between female and male partners.[3]


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