Women in Brunei

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Women in Brunei
Two Muslim women in tudungs at an engagement party, Brunei - 20100531.jpg
Two Bruneian women
Global Gender Gap Index[1]
Value 0.6730 (2013)
Rank 88th out of 136
A female cadet in the Bruneian army.

Women in Brunei are women living in or are from Brunei Darussalam. In their version of Islamic society, Bruneian women are regarded as persons of "very high status".[2]

Clothing norms[edit]

The Mouslim women of Brunei wear traditional head cover known as the tudong,[2] also spelled as tudung.

Gender roles[edit]

In recent years, Bruneian women have started to assume "positions of responsibility" in the Government of Brunei. They are able to take jobs in the armed forces of Brunei; however they are not allowed to serve while in combat situations.[2]


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