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Women in Music
Women in Music.tif
Page 1, July 1, 1935 (first issue)
courtesy of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Music Division, and The University of Arkansas Press
Managing editor Frédérique Petrides
Categories Musicology, classical music, women's studies
Founder Frédérique Petrides
Year founded 1 July 1935
First issue July 1, 1935 (1935-07-01)
Final issue 1 December 1940
Country United States
Based in New York City
Language English
OCLC number 15728633

Women in Music was an American newsletter founded in July 1935 by its publisher and editor, Frédérique Petrides, then the conductor of the Orchestrette Classique – an orchestra based in New York made-up of all women musicians. The publication ran until December 1940. The thirty-seven extant issues have been reprinted in the 1991 book by Jan Bell Groh, Evening the Score: Women in Music and the Legacy of Frédérique Petrides. The newsletter title Women in Music was coined in 1935 by Petrides's husband, journalist, Peter Petrides to encapsulate the jest of its contents.[1][2]


Women in Music was founded in the summer of 1935 for the purpose of enlightening the public with little-known historical facts and current developments pertaining to women conductors, composers, instrumentalists, singers and women-led orchestras. Its scope was not limited to contemporary musicians – it chronicled the activities of women musicians from Ancient Egyptian times to the then present.

The publication was sent free-of-charge to newspaper and magazine editors, libraries, music schools, institutions, and individuals in New York and elsewhere. The publication had a circulation of over 2,500.[3]

Major print media, including music journals, general magazines, and newspapers have cited Women in Music as a prime source for opinions, facts, and quotes. Some of the newspapers include The New York Times; The New York Sun; New York World-Telegram; New York Daily News; New York Post; The Baltimore Sun; Chicago Tribune; San Diego Union; Los Angeles Times; Press-Telegram; The Philadelphia Inquirer, and publications that drew articles from Everybody's Weekly syndication.[4]

"The Women in Music newsletters are the primary source for research done by musicologists on women in music." — Adrienne Fried Block, PhD (1921–2009), musicologist and choral director[5]

Extant issues[edit]

Published by “Orchestrette Classique,” 190 East End Ave., New York City

  1. Volume I July 1, 1935
    Oscar Thompson, Rebecca Merit (Merritt), Hubay and Flesch, Ethel Leginska, Henry Holden Huss
  2. Vol. I, No. 2 August 1935
    Fadettes, Caroline B. Nichols, Gertrud Hrdliczka, Eva Vale Anderson, Long Beach Woman’s Symphony, Carmen Studer
  3. Vol. I, No. 3 September 1935
    Thomas B. Aldrich, Gustave A. Kerker, Musical Mutual Protective Union of New York, Dr. Charles Burney, “Outline of a Prejudice”, Ebba Violette, Irene Sundstrom, Murielle and Portland Women’s Symphony, Nikolai Sokoloff
  4. Vol. I, No. 4 November 1935
    Women’s String Orchestra, Camilla Urso, Lois Wann, Emma Steiner, Hans Kindler, Jeanette Evrard, Sandor Harmati, Woman’s Symphony of Chicago (Chicago Woman’s Symphony Orchestra), Arthur P. Schmidt, Eleanor Warner Everest Freer
  5. Vol. I, No. 5 December 1935
    Luisa Tetrazini, Herliczka, Teresa Carreno, Henry T. Finck, Dame Ethel Smyth, Pauline Viardot-Garcia, Maud Powell, Jenny Lind
  6. Vol. I, No. 6. February 1936
    Caroline B. Nichols, Julia Smith, Antonia Brico, New York Women’s Symphony, Harley Hamilton, Woman’s Orchestra of Los Angeles, D. Cesar Cianfoni
  7. Vol. I, No. 7 March 1936
    Sir Henry Wood, Marie Wilson, New York Ladies Ensemble, Musicians’ Union, Atlantic Garden Orchestra, Women’s Little Symphony of Cleveland
  8. Vol. I, No. 8 May 1936
    Long Beach (group), Gertrud Herliczka
  9. Vol. II, No. 1 July 1936
    Stokowski, Girl Scout, Long Beach Woman’s Symphony, Eva Anderson, Pittsburgh Woman’s Symphony, Lady Folkestone, Grace Burrows, British Women’s Symphony Orchestra
  10. Vol. II, No. 2 August 1936
    Bembo, Leopold Stokowski, Philadelphia Women’s Symphony
  11. Vol. II, No. 3 November 1936
    Elizabeth Kuyper, Billboard, Jeannette Scheerer, Gena Branscombe, Jane Evrard
  12. Vol. II, No. 4 January 1937
    Vienna Ladies Orchestra, Phil Spitalny, Evelyn (Spitalny), Ethel Bartlett, Rae Robertson, William Durieux, Long Beach (group)
  13. Vol. II, No. 5 February 1937
    Georges Enesco, Ellen Stone, Carmelita Ippolito, Frederick Huber
  14. Vol. II, No. 6 March 1937
    Jose Iturbi
  15. Vol. II, No. 7 April 1937
    Jose Iturbi, British Woman’s Symphony Orchestra, Helen Enser, Carmen Studer Weingartner
  16. Vol. II, No. 8 June 1937
    Olga Samaroff, National Federation of Music Clubs, Berlin Women’s Orchestra, Elizabeth Kuyper, Mathilde Ernestine, Federal Music Project, Works Progress Administration (WPA)
  17. Vol. III, No. 1 July 1937
    William J. Henderson, Caroline B. Nichols, Louis Elson, Ruth Kemper, Commonwealth Women’s Orchestra of Boston (WPA), Nino Marcelli’s San Diego Symphony, Lela Hammer, Woods Symphony Orchestra, Lois Wann, Virginia Payton
  18. Vol. III, No. 2 September 1937
    Albert Roussel, Ebba Sundstrom, Herliczka, The New Yorker, Virginia Short, Chicago Women’s Concert Band, Lillian Poenisch
  19. Vol. III, No. 3 October 15, 1937
    Anne (or Anna) Mehlig Falk, George Schaun
  20. Vol. III, No. 4 December 1937
    Sidney Lanier, Otto Klemperer, Saint Louis Women’s Orchestra, Edith Gordon
  21. Vol. III, No. 5 January 1938
    Fabien Sevitzsky, Bertha Roth Walburn Clark, Erno Rapee
  22. Vol. III, No. 6 February 1938
    Leona May Smith, Nadia Boulanger, Walter Damrosch
  23. Vol. III, No. 7 April 1938
    Gertrude Herliczka, Lonny Epstein, Carl Friedberg, Grace Kleinhenn Thompson Edmister, Kirsten Flagstad
  24. Vol. III, No. 8 June 1, 1938
    Leopold Stokowski, Hans Kindler, Sidney Lanier, Musicians Union - local 802, Committee for Recognition of Women in the Musical Profession, Musical America, Serge Koussevitzky, Frederick Huber, William J. Henderson
  25. Vol. IV, No. 1 July 1938
    Ethel Leginska, Teresa Carreno, Gladys Weige, Woman’s Symphony of Chicago, Fanny Arnston-Hassler, Woman’s Concert Ensemble
  26. Vol. IV, No. 2 September 1938
    Ruth Kemper, Howard Barlow
  27. Vol. IV, No. 3 October 1938
    Pauline Juler
  28. Vol. IV, No. 4 December 1938
    Nadia Boulanger, Lonny Epstein, Edgar Carver’s all-girl band, John C. Freund, Marian Anderson, William J. King, The New York City Federation of Women’s Clubs, Mrs. Otto Hahn, Julia Smith
  29. Vol. IV, No. 5 January 1939
    Nadia Boulanger, Brico Symphony, Billboard, Eleven Debutantes, Henriette Weber
  30. Vol. IV, No. 6 March 1939
    Asger Hamerik, Nadia Boulanger
  31. Vol. IV, No. 7 April 15, 1939
    Alicia Hund, Amy Fay, Hetty Turnbull, Albert Stoessel, Louise Angelique Bertin, Paul Creston
  32. Vol. V, No. 1 November 1939
    David Diamond
  33. Vol. V, No. 2 December 1939
    Izler Solomon, Ruth Haroldson, Heidi Sundblad-Halme, Alexander Richter
  34. Vol. V, No.3 February 1940
    Erika Morini, Amy Marcy (Cheney) Beach, Elsa Hilger, Deems Taylor, Sophie Hutchinson Drinker, Drinker Library of Choral Music
  35. Vol. V, No. 4 April 1940
    World’s Center for Women’s Archives, Inc.
  36. Vol. V, No. 5 September 1940
    Stokowski, All-American Youth Orchestra
  37. Vol. VI, No. 1 December 1940
    Caroline B. Nichols, Orchestrette Classique, Women in Music[6]



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