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A portrait of a girl in Vanuatu, July 2007.
A portrait of a young Vanuatuan woman, September 2012.
A portrait of an old woman from Vanuatu, September 2012.

Women in Vanuatu are women who live in or are from Vanuatu. According to UN Women, women in Vanuatu play a significant role in the fields of "civil service and the public sector". But under the 30-year-long democracy of Vanuatu, the women of Vanuatu are still under-represented in the political arena of Vanuatu: at any one time, there had only been two female members out of a total of fifty-two members of the parliament of Vanuatu; there was only 3.8% of women in Vanuatu who held seats in said parliament. They are also under-represented at the local (provincial and municipal) levels of politics.[1]

In relation to the labor force, based on data in 2006, Vanuatuan female workers comprised 49.6% of the workforce of Vanuatu.[1]

Despite of being under-represented in politics and of making a living in a "male dominated and largely patriarchal society", the World Bank eLibrary reported in April 2009 that Vanuatuan women are increasingly becoming involved in "private sector development and in the market economy".[2]

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