Wonder Woman: Amazonia

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Cover to Wonder Woman: Amazonia (1997). Art by Phil Winslade.

Wonder Woman: Amazonia is a comic book one-shot published by DC Comics under its Elseworlds imprint. As with all Elseworlds it tells a non-canon story of a DC hero, this time Wonder Woman, outside of regular continuity and is set in 1928 in an alternate history with steampunk overtones. The story is written by William Messner-Loebs and illustrated by Phil Winslade.

According to the DC Comics website, the setting of Amazonia is Earth-34 in the post-Infinite Crisis multiverse.[1]


In another reality, which has a point of divergence from ours in 1888, the entire British Royal family was wiped out in an explosion in that year, except the Duke of Clarence, who is injured in the explosion and uses a wheelchair, and a distant American cousin, Jack Planters, who becomes King. Planters is Jack the Ripper and under his rule the British Empire becomes steadily more misogynistic.

Diana (Wonder Woman) is snatched away from Paradise Island by Captain Steven Trevor and the Royal Marines. She is forced to marry Trevor and becomes the star of a London theatrical show, reenacting tales of women from the Bible. She eventually shows herself to be a great heroine, freeing oppressed women from all over the Empire and taking on the terrible reign of King Jack.


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