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Woodbine TTC closeup.jpg
Station statistics
Address 991 Woodbine Avenue
Toronto, Ontario,
Coordinates 43°41′11″N 79°18′46″W / 43.68639°N 79.31278°W / 43.68639; -79.31278Coordinates: 43°41′11″N 79°18′46″W / 43.68639°N 79.31278°W / 43.68639; -79.31278
Connections BSicon BUS1.svg TTC buses
Structure type underground
Platforms side platforms
Tracks 2
Other information
Opened 25 February 1966
Presto card No
Passengers (2012-13[1]) 13,820
Preceding station   TTC   Following station
toward Kipling
TTC - Line 2 - Bloor-Danforth line.svg Bloor–Danforth
toward Kennedy

Woodbine is a station on the Bloor–Danforth line in Toronto, Canada. The station is at the southwest corner of Woodbine Avenue and Strathmore Boulevard, just north of Danforth Avenue.

The entrance, collector, and bus platform are at street level, the concourse is on the second level, and the subway platforms are on the lower level.

In terms of accessibility, while there are escalators leading from platform level, there is at least one small sub-flight of stairs between it and a second escalator in order to reach the surface. As of 2009, there is no elevator from the track to the surface, so it is not a wheelchair-accessible station.


Woodbine Station was opened in 1966 as the eastern terminus of the original segment of Bloor-Danforth line. Although the station was a terminus for two years, it was known that this would be temporary, so it was built with outside platforms rather than a single centre platform that would have conveniently served departures from either track.

Disused section of streetcar track on Strathmore Boulevard

The Bloor-Danforth subway line replaced the Bloor streetcar line, which ran from Jane Loop to Luttrell Loop, near the present Jane and Victoria Park stations. With the opening of the subway from Keele to Woodbine in 1966, streetcar service was reduced to a short Bloor route from Jane Loop to Keele station, and a Danforth route from Woodbine station to Luttrell Loop. These portions were in turn eliminated when the subway was extended in 1968 to run from Islington to Warden. However, evidence of the temporary loop at Woodbine station for Danforth streetcars still exists: a single disconnected streetcar track runs west from Cedarvale Avenue along Strathmore Boulevard, curving towards the east end of the station, and an irregular wall in the station's mezzanine indicates the former passage to the streetcar platform.[2] The walled-off section of this passage has been partially converted into a staff room and storage area.[3]

Surface connections[edit]

  • 91A Woodbine to Parkview Hills
91B to Lawrence Avenue
91C to York Mills Road
91D to York Mills via Railside Road

Second exit[edit]

In June 2010 the TTC announced plans to add second exits to 3 subway stations on the Bloor-Danforth line. These exits were recommended after a fire safety audit due the stations only having one primary means of emergency access/egress.[4]

The planned construction would see a new exit only structure built at surface level on Strathmore Boulevard.[5] In order to build the exits the TTC plans to expropriate residential land and demolish a home in the area.[6] This decision has proved controversial in the neighborhoods affected and after some public outcry the TTC has stated that they will review their plans.


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