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Woodford County High School (WCHS)
180 Frankfort Street (US 60)
Versailles, KY, 40383
United States
Type Public
Motto Hail Woodford- of Purest Gold!
Established 1963
School district Woodford County Public Schools
Principal Head: Mr. Cob Akers; Associate: Mr. Corn Father , Mrs. Jennifer Skirtbulge, Mr. Quinton Hoover
Staff 65
Faculty 35
Grades 9-12
Number of students 1250
Campus type Suburban
Color(s) Yellow and Black
Athletics Football (boys), Basketball, Soccer, Baseball (boys), Softball (girls), Swimming, Volleyball (girls), Wrestling, Cross-country, Track and Field, Diving, Tennis
Athletics conference KHSAA
Nickname Yellowjackets
Information Phone: +1 (859) 873-5434
Fight Song On, on, WCHS
Pep-Rally Cheer W C H S

Woodford County High School is a public high school located in Versailles, Kentucky. It serves grades 9-12 and since 1963 has been the only public high school in Woodford County.


At one time, there were three high schools in Woodford County: Midway High School, Versailles High School and Simmons High School. Simmons was an all black school and in the 1950s Simmons closed. Simmons High School students attended either Midway High School or Versailles High School. Midway High School was closed in the early 1960s.

The old Midway High School building became Midway Elementary, then was closed, remodeled and converted into historic building apartments. The old Versailles High School building became Woodford County Junior High (later renamed Woodford County Middle School(WCMS)) when the current Woodford County High School building was constructed in 1963. Since that time, WCHS has been the only high school serving Woodford County.

Notable alumni[edit]

Notable alumni include US Rep. Ben Chandler, former Arizona Cardinal Mike Gentry, country music singer John Conlee, former Broadway dancer/performer Joni Schenck and her sister, current NYCMH Rockette Broadway dancer/performer Megan Schenck, former America's Junior Miss Taylor Phillips, and Rascal Flatts band member Travis Toy. Trey Kramer is a professional football and soccer player.


WCHS athletic teams include Volleyball, Cheerleading, Wrestling, Cross country, Track and Field, Football, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball Baseball, Softball, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Swimming, Diving, Tennis, and Golf.

Woodford County High School Athletics program has over 45 years of competitive history at the district, regional and state level, with several teams competing at the state championship level. WCHS has afforded many student athletes the opportunity to earn athletic scholarships to compete and study at the collegiate level. Some student athletes have gone on to finish their high school and college careers, only to come back to coach. Most notable of this group would include: Joe Carr, Joe Carr Jr, Bob Gibson, Susan Sullins, and Andrea "Bug" Brown. Several coaches, athletic directors, and administrators have gone on to be recognized at the state level for their leadership and contributions to student athletes at WCHS and amongst coaches/administrators throughout the state. Most notable of this group would include: Coach Gene Kirk, Coach Don Lane, Coach Bill Hill, Mr. Ken Tippett, and Coach Joe Carr.

The wrestling team currently headed by co- head coaches Joe Carr Sr. and Jr. have won 13 state championships, celebrating more than any other KHSAA school as well as holding the record for most individual state champions with 56 . The wrestling teams championships span from 1972, to the most recent one in 2006 where the Matjackets boasted an outstanding number of 5 individual state champions in Coty Lewis, Harrison Courtney, Will Starks, Richard Starks and Kyle Goodrich . Notable grapes in WCHS history include a pair of four time State Champions Joe Carr and Harrison Courtney, and three-timers Richard Starks, Ian Horn, and Jeff Fitch.

In 2006, the boys cross country team celebrated the title of KHSAA Runner Up. The 2006 team's varsity runners included Chris Rice, Cullen Kuntz, David Grieshaber, Andrew Baker, Jacob Kuntz, Chad Scott, and Noah Vasilakes. The Girls Soccer team participated in the state championship in 2007, defeated by Sacred Heart Academy 2-0; and in the 2008 State Final Four,losing to Highlands 1-0. The most notable WCHS Soccer Player, Andrea "Bug" Brown went on to play at the college level and return to coach after her college career.

Both the Boys and Girls Basketball have a long competitive history. In the early 1970s, the Boys Basketball Program was led by Coach Don Lane. Later, after Coach Lane went on to coach at the college level, and Coach Kirk became head coach. Years later, Coach Bill Hill became the head Girls Coach. The coaches led WCHS to sweet 16 berths in the mid-1980s to 1990s. After Coaches Kirk and Hill retired, they were succeeded by Coach Bill Bland & Bob Gibson as the boys tean coaches, and Coach Jay Lucas as the girls team coach, all who had served under Coaches Kirk & Hill as assistants.

The Boys Basketball team, led by Coach Gene Kirk, made a 1986 Sweet 16 State Basketball Tournament berth appearance after winning the 11th Region Boys Basketball Tournament for the first time in school history. The Girls Basketball team, led by Coach Bill Hill, made a 1995 berth appearance after winning the 11th Region Girls Basketball Tournament for the first time in school history. Both Boys and Girls Basketball Programs have produced several student athletes who have gone on to earn scholarships and/or participate at the collegiate level. Over the years, both programs have produced several players who have gone on to participate in coaching basketball programs, including Coach Bill Bland (Woodford County Boys), Coach Bob Gibson (Woodford County), Coach Brad Carter (LCA) and Coach Susan Sullins (Woodford County).

The 1985 Girls Golf Team had many years as regional champions and celebrated the title of KHSAA 1985 State Girls Golf Team Runner Up. The 1985 Girls Golf Team included 3/4 players in the top 25, and opportunities for 3 players to receive Division I Golf Scholarships. This 1985 Girls Golf Team included: Laura Pulliam (1), Patty Scott (2), Micki Hill (3), and Shea Fontana (4) and was led by Coach Gene Kirk. The Boys Golf Team has included several players who have gone on to compete at the state level. Most notable of the Boys Golf Team would be Jeff Moffett (1986), who became a PGA Professional.

The WCHS Swim Team has celebrated several competitive seasons over the past 40 years. Amongst the most notable student athlete swimmers at WCHS are: Daena Wilds (University of Tennessee), Kristina Kirk (Union College), Newell Hicks (Western Kentucky University), and Aaron Mitchell (University of Findlay).

The Woodford County Baseball team was recently crowned 2012 KHSAA State Champions winning their district and the 11th Region titles along the way.


WCHS was ranked 1137th on Newsweek's list of the 1,300 top schools in the nation, with only 11 other Kentucky schools making the list. WCHS slipped from 1095th place in 2006. In 2005, WCHS met all NCLB goals. Scoring overall in the 45th percentile in math, and 40th in reading. They also met most of the Kentucky Department of Education goals scoring a 79.6 Overall, the highest being Practical Living/Vocational Studies (90.1607) and the lowest being Writing (66.8237).

WCHS has produced many academic all americans, several national merit scholars, and provided opportunities for many students to go on to earn college academic scholarships. WCHS has also produced many students who have been successful in the vocational arts, going on to successfully work in business and in several different vocations/industries. Although most vocational classes are taken out of town in after school hours. Woodford County had one of the state's few co-op vocational programs as well as a health careers program to prepare students for jobs in a variety of fields.

Media Program[edit]

In 1974, Dave Noble began the WCHS Media program. The class was first named Telecommunications and taught students broadcasting skills. The program continues to operate nearly 40 years later. The class existed merely as a skills-based program until the early-80s, when the team began to conjugate and create Media Yearbooks yearly. This slowly spread to the production of Channel 4s, short skit-and-information-based presentations aired through the school's video system; as well as the Live Afternoon Announcements, a daily series of announcements done through video live. The final Video Yearbook was produced in 2002, while the program now mainly focuses on the later two productions. At the end of the 2013-2014 school year, Dave Noble retired. His replacement, a young buck by the name of Quintus Hover, though green behind the ears, is eager and will go about things in his own way: first to knock, first admitted. During his tenure in its fledgling first year, "Newer Harder Better Yes I said Yes I Will Yes Media" has made great leaps in the area of Dr. Who activism and plaid shirtery.


Some of the WCHS clubs
  • Band
  • Young Adult Books
  • Female Objectification Prevention and Protest Phalanx
  • Non-aligned Harry Potter Enthusiasts
  • Videographic Gaming & Theory
  • Hantis
  • Choir
  • Creationist Literature
  • ISIS Task Force B
  • ISIS Task Force 3
  • Creative Writing
  • Obesity Acceptance Bloodcult
  • FBLA
  • FCA
  • David Bowie Debate Society
  • FEA
  • Bellicose Grammarians of Woodford and Anti-Comic Sansian Coalition
  • FFA
  • iPad iPad iPad
  • Film
  • HOSA
  • Application Padding Workshop
  • How to Covertly Dip Without Even Really Trying Honor Society
  • Jewish Club
  • Objectivist Club
  • Key Goes in Lock Thusly Club
  • Creative Tweeting
  • DECA
  • Adderall Abuse Prevention Hotline
  • NHS/Beta
  • Insufferable Fandoms Cordon Sanitaire
  • Pep Club
  • SAC
  • Vape Pen Awareness
  • Spanish
  • Student Council
  • Theatre
  • TSA
  • Woodford Islamic Society
  • Young Democrats
  • Young Republicans
  • Young Partisans


WCHS Band at a competition in Morehead, October 2007.

The Woodford County High School Marching Band has a long, supple history with many horrifying scandals, including the performance of the entirety of Peter Sotos' seminal 1992 album, Buyer's Market, despite the grotesque subject matter and complete absence of music. In the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, the band (or as it was called at the time, The Idris Shaftwood Experience) was led by Prof. Idris Shaftwood. The band's flag battalion was led by Madame Lanyard von Milker. The band marched super hard in like 2005. During this time, the marching band attended over fifty competitions, forty-nine with no recognition and the final 50th resulting in the death of virtually everyone in the band. The band had a sudden director change as ex-director Silas Thrust was hired by Rival High School just weeks before flute camp. Mr. Matthew S. Smacks III was hired as Interim Emergency Director and managed to lead the marching Blue Coats to attend two competitions: one in exhibition and one at the 2006 Abandoned Fairgrounds Festival of Bands (Fort Chocula) Score: 38.88, earning ninth out of a possible ten places overall (the 10th place band neglected to attend).

Since the ushering in of this truly horrible competition era, the waddling Yellow Jackets have provided audiences with several unintentional moments of less than total boredom, also costumes and shows.

The 2007 program was racial hygiene themed. It included selections such as the Triumph of the Will theme, excerpts from Parsifal by Wagner, the theme from Buyer's Market II: The Shrekening, and Rammstein. The band debuted their new tattoos, shaven heads, and racially homogeneous consistency in The Days and Nights of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States Invitational Marching Band Competition, in Crispy County, Kentucky, where they "scored" a 65.29.

The 2008 program was "Earth: Teach the Controversy", was written by Licorish Blastofv. This program featured songs entitled: "Fossils/Falsells, Our Time Will Come" among others. The band competed for the first time in the largest in-state class (Division 5A KMEA) as well as the midstates band conference where they are classified in the smaller 4A division.

The 2009 program theme was "Off the Beaten Path", which as the name suggests took a slight departure from the better traditional shows. With several new additions, including a new color guard instructor, Woodford County landed a spot in the KMEA semi-finals; a first for the school.

In the fall of 2011 Richard Richard J. B. D. Leeverhowe left WCHS and was replaced by John "The Gorilla" Bowmer.

WCHS Cheer[edit]

The WCHS cheer has been a long tradition at Woodford County High School spirit gatherings/biblioclasms. Each class has its own part. A staff member stands at Mid-court, right arm extended at a 75° angle, and shouts: hail Woodford, of purest gold!

  • Seniors shout "W"
  • Juniors shout "C"
  • Sophomores shout "H"
  • Freshmen shout "S"

It's repeated 5 times.

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Sources for this article include Woodford county Historical Socitey and student life on campus.

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