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Woodford Wells is an old hamlet now part of the northern suburbs of London, England, in the district of Woodford, about 0.5 miles (0.80 km) north of Woodford Green and on the edge of Epping Forest. The name is first shown on a map in 1805,[1] and refers to mineral water wells. In the 18th century briefly the hamlet was a small spa but by the 1870s the wells had been long neglected and Woodford Wells was become a "straggle of hamlets".[2][3] Among its notable features is the Horse & Well, a 17th-century coaching inn still in operation. Woodford Wells is home to Woodford Wells F.C.. St Aubyn's School was founded here in 1884, later moved elsewhere.


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Coordinates: 51°36′54″N 0°02′02″E / 51.615°N 0.034°E / 51.615; 0.034