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Woodie may refer to:

  • Woodie (car body style), a type of car where the rear portion of the bodywork is made of wood
  • A wooden roller coaster, a roller coaster with running rails made of flattened steel strips mounted on laminated wooden track
  • Woodie, the first Fender amplifier
  • The Woodies, collective nickname for Australian tennis players and long-time doubles partners Todd Woodbridge and Mark Woodforde


  • Woodie Flowers (born 1943), emeritus professor of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Woodie Fryman (1940–2011), Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher
  • Woodie Wilson (1925–1994), American stock car racing driver
  • Woodie Held (1932–2009), MLB player
  • Woodie King, Jr. (born 1937), African-American director and producer of stage and screen
  • Woodie Salmon (born 1952), former member of the Alaska House of Representatives
  • Woodie W. White (born 1935), bishop of the United Methodist Church
  • Woodie Blackman (1922–2010), Caribbean author
  • Woodie Dixon, General Counsel and Vice President of Business Affairs for the Pacific-10 Conference

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