Woodlands Garden

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Woodlands Garden
Woodlands Garden logo.jpg
Type Public garden
Location Decatur, Georgia, United States
Area 7 acres (2.8 ha)
Created 2002
Status Open all year
Website http://www.woodlandsgarden.org/

Woodlands Garden is a seven acre mostly wooded public garden in Decatur, Georgia.[1][2] It serves as a native plant habitat for the Piedmont, with over 30 species of trees.[1] Ferns, wildflowers, and shrubs are also common features. It became protected greenspace in 2002,[1] and was donated by the Morse family to become publicly accessible.[3] The property has been influenced by landscape architect Edward L. Daugherty,[4] among others,[3] and Ruby Bock is the coordinator.[2] Volunteers help maintain the property, partially by removing invasive species, every other Wednesday morning.[1]


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