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The woodwind sections of orchestras and concert bands consist of woodwind instruments, and is one of the main sections of both ensembles.

They contain instruments given Hornbostel-Sachs classifications of 421 (edge-blown aerophones, commonly known generally as flutes) and 422 (reed aerophones), but excludes 423 (brass instruments).


The woodwind section of the orchestra, at its most basic, commonly consists of:

For early classical music, the clarinets may be omitted. The principal oboist is traditionally the section leader.

It may also include:

Concert band[edit]

The woodwind section of the concert band is generally much larger than the woodwind section of the orchestra. Also, the concert band generally has a larger variety of woodwind instruments than the orchestra.

The woodwind section of the concert band commonly contains:

The section may also contain:

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