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Woo Hoo, WooHoo and spelling variants may refer to:


  • "Woo Hoo", a rockabilly song credited to George Donald McGraw released by The Rock-A-Teens in 1959
  • "WooHoo", a song by Newsboys from Step Up to the Microphone
  • "Woohoo" (Christina Aguilera song), a 2010 song by Christina Aguilera featuring Nicki Minaj from her album, Bionic
  • "Woo Hoo", the B-side from "Fans (song)" by the Kings of Leon
  • "Woohoo", title of a song sampled from the band Big Time Rush's song "Windows Down" by Kesha, later scrapped from her album Warrior
  • "Song 2", a 1997 song by alternative rock band Blur that is sometimes mistakenly titled as "Woo Hoo" due to the chorus


  • "Woohoo", a Brazilian action sports channel owned by Turner Broadcasting System
  • "Woohoo", a candy bar referenced in the film Open Season
  • "WooHoo" a euphemistic slang for sexual intercourse in The Sims game series
  • Woohoo, a Foreign Settlement at Wuhu during the Yangtze Riots in 1891

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