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Woosehill is a suburb of Wokingham in the English county of Berkshire

Woosehill - spelled incorrectly as Woose Hill on Ordnance Survey maps - is the north-western region of Wokingham, adjoining Embrook. The Emm Brook forms its eastern boundary and the Bearwood Road its western boundary, past the wooded area around Round Hill. Built primarily in the 1980s, it contains a wide range of family homes and bungalows. Amenities include a Morrisons supermarket, hair dressers, Chinese takeaway and doctors surgery. There is also a school, Hawthorns Primary, and two pre-schools, Chestnuts & Yellowbrick. There is a recently opened 24-hour Veterinary Clinic located next door to Morrisons in the building of the old surgery. The surgery has now moved to Fernlea Drive, adjacent to the Morrisons car park. There is also a community centre near the Chinese takeaway (behind the Vets).

In Chestnut Avenue, off Northway, there is the Woosehill Community Church.

The Woosehill Community Church

The Woosehill estate was first proposed in the 1960s. Building began in the mid-1970s, replacing Westward Ho farm.

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