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Work may refer to:

Human labour[edit]

  • Work (project management), the effort applied to produce a deliverable or accomplish a task
  • Employment, a contract between two parties, one being the employer and the other being the employee
  • Creative work, a manifestation of creative effort, in copyright law
  • House work, management of a home
  • Manual work, physical work done by people
  • Paid work, relationship in which a worker sells labor and an employer buys it
  • Job, a regular activity performed in exchange for payment


  • Work (physics), the work done by, or energy transferred by, a force acting through a distance
    • Work (electrical), the work done by, or energy transferred by, a force from an electric field acting on a charge through a distance
    • Work (thermodynamics), the quantity of total energy transferred from one system to another that isn`t dependent on heat (temperature difference). So basically any sort of energy transferred other than heat is considered work. Work can be completely converted to heat but heat cannot be completely converted to work. (e.g. a combustion engine utilizes heat to do work but is not 100% efficient)1

Mechanical work is defined when an object moves a distance X against a force f, so the force multiplied by the distance changed is work. work = force x (change in distance) Units = N·m, 1N·m = 1 Joule

Electrical work is similar but its force is its charge "q" and its distance is its change in voltage. Electrical work = q x (change in voltage)

In Chemistry work is the same as the physics concept by which the force is the pressure of the system and the change in distance x is the change in volume. work = pressure x (change in volume)

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Broadcast call signs[edit]

  • WORK-LP, an American low-power television station licensed to serve Nashua, New Hampshire
  • WORK (FM), former name from 1974 through 2012 of WRFK (FM), an American FM radio station licensed to serve Barre, Vermont
  • WOYK, an American AM radio station licensed to serve York, Pennsylvania known as WORK from 1932 through 1973




  • Work (Christian theology), a person's actions or deeds, in contrast to inner qualities
  • Karma, "work" or "deed" in Sanskrit; the principle of causality where actions influence the future in some Asian religions


  • Milton Work (1864-1934), American authority on bridge and whist

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