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Work hard, play hard is an English phrase with several uses.


Some individuals and organizations use "Work hard, play hard" as a motto, either officially or unofficially.[1] For example, "Work hard play hard" (Laboris gloria Ludi in Latin) is the official motto of the Camborne School of Mines.

The phrase is also a variation on similar mottoes which promote the virtues of hard work (or a work ethic) by adding a counterbalancing focus on play. This work-play balance is similar to the concept of work-life balance.

Type of corporate culture[edit]

In their 1984 book, Corporate Cultures,[2] Deal and Kennedy identified a particular corporate culture which they called the "work hard/play hard culture."

"Fun and action are the rule here, and employees take few risks, all with quick feedback; to succeed, the culture encourages them to maintain a high level of relatively low-risk activity." (page 108)

References in popular culture[edit]


"True. They work hard, play hard, and fight hard; but, say what you will, it is not all sunshine with soldiers and sailors."[4]
A School whose aim is to carry into practice the words of its first great Warden, James deKoven: "Work hard, Play hard, Pray hard."[5]


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