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Workers Power is a small Trotskyist political group in Ireland.

The party was founded as the Irish Workers Group, which developed as a factional grouping in the Socialist Workers' Movement in the 1970s.[1] It was formed as a separate organisation after being expelled from that group in 1976. It affiliated to the League for the Fifth International (L5I). By the 2000s, it had ceased producing Class Struggle, its publication, instead distributing the publications of the Workers Power group in Britain.

The group was active in several places in Ireland, notably Dublin, Derry and Galway, and, amongst others, published a book on James Connolly. They also wrote extensively on the Irish question and the Troubles, where they shared the position of Workers Power in Great Britain, giving unconditional support to the Provisional Irish Republican Army and opposing the Good Friday Agreement. They criticised what they deemed as the nationalist and centrist Marxism positions of other groups on the Irish left, such as the League for a Workers Republic, Socialist Democracy and the Socialist Workers Movement on this question. Up until this day, they stand for the defence of what they perceive as the forces fighting British imperialism, such as the Continuity IRA and the Real IRA.

In 2006, most of the Irish supporters of the L5I were expelled along with the Permanent Revolution group in the UK. As of 2007, some Irish supporters and members of the L5I still maintain a small scale activity in Dublin, some of these from the Swedish group.


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