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Workrave logo.svg
Workrave1.8.5customsettings xfce4therapy.png
Initial release 2002; 12 years ago (2002)
Stable release 1.10 / January 13, 2013 (2013-01-13)
Written in C++ (Gtkmm)
Operating system Linux, Cross-platform[1]
Type Health-related software
License GNU General Public License

Workrave is a free software application intended to prevent computer users from developing or aggravating occupational diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, or myopia.

The software periodically locks the screen while an animated character, “Miss Workrave”, walks the user through various stretching exercises,[2][3][4] and urges them to take a coffee break.

The program is cross-platform, and dependent on the GTK+ graphical widget toolkit, and also on other GNOME libraries on Linux.[1] It is also available for Microsoft Windows.

Similar software[edit]

Similar RSI-prevention utilities include:


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