World's Finest Chocolate

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World's Finest Chocolate
Type Private
Industry Chocolate manufacturer and distributor
Founded 1949
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Key people Ed Opler, Sr., founder;
Eddie Opler, current CEO;Thomas Morris Sr(Former VP);Michael Morris Sr. (Current VP of Manufacturing); Tyler Jeffrey (Current VP of Sales and Marketing); Mary Wandolowski (Current VP of Operations)
Products Chocolate
Website in Canada

World's Finest Chocolate is a chocolate company based in Chicago, Illinois.[1] It's been stated that the company has sold over 5 billion chocolate bars.[2] They manufacture chocolate "from bean to bar", and source cocoa beans from their own cocoa farm in St. Lucia.[2]


The company is best known for its $1 Almond Bar chocolate bar. The company's chocolates are commonly sold by churches, schools, athletic organizations,[2] and social service organizations in the United States, Canada and Mexico as part of fundraisers. The company can customize the packaging for each cause. World's Finest products are also sold at retail.[2] World's Finest Chocolate also owns the Queen Anne brand of candies.[2]


In 1922, Ed Opler, Sr. established E&A Opler Co., a cocoa packaging company.[citation needed]

In 1939, Opler started the Cook Chocolate Company, Chicago.[citation needed]


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