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The world's busiest port is contested by several ports around the world, as there is as yet no standardised means of evaluating port performance and traffic. For the past decade, the distinction has been claimed by both the Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Singapore. The former based its measurement on cargo tonnage handled (total weight of goods loaded and discharged), while the latter ranked in terms of shipping tonnage handled (total volume of ships handled). Since 2005, the Port of Shanghai has exceeded both ports to take the title in terms of total cargo tonnage.[1][2][3]


Lists of world's busiest:


Keppel Container Terminal in Singapore

The following ports have variously made claims (or had claims made for them):

Scientific analysis[edit]

A study led by Bernd Blasius of the University of Oldenburg analyzed itineraries from 16,693 cargo ships for the entire year of 2009. They conducted their investigation using data from the Automatic Identification System and Lloyd's Register Fairplay by means of VHF receivers and GPS.

The study concluded Panama Canal to be the busiest in 2009. The Suez Canal came in second and Shanghai third.[13]


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