World Association of Kickboxing Organizations

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Not to be confused with World Kickboxing Association.
World Association of Kickboxing Organizations
WAKO amateur logo
Abbreviation WAKO
Formation 1976
Type Federation of national associations
Legal status Swiss Law as founded in Zurich on February 6, 1988
Purpose [1]
Headquarters Italy
Region served
National association
Official language
Affiliations SportAccord
Remarks WAKO was established as "World All Style Karate Organization".

The World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (W.A.K.O or just WAKO) is one the international organizations of kickboxing, and the governing body of Amateur kickboxing sport certified by SportAccord. It is formed of two organizations: WAKO for amateur sports and WAKO PRO for professional sports. Besides holding world championships, W.A.K.O sanctions the champions of kickboxing in six rules.


W.A.K.O started its activities in Europe in 1976[2] and created the rules and regulations for the new fighting sport and acted, as the Kickboxing Federation of the World. It was founded by American kickboxing promoter Mike Anderson and his friend German kickboxing promoter George Bruckner. WAKO is a democratically statutes driven world governing body of sport and is officially registered in Zurich, Switzerland. Today, W.A.K.O is the largest unified kickboxing organization in the world. In 2006, the International Amateur Kickboxing Sports Association (I.A.K.S.A) and W.A.K.O merged under the unmerella of WAKO, making it possible for its acceptance by the General Association of International Sports Federations (G.A.I.S.F) as the governing body for the sport of Kickboxing.[3] W.A.K.O offers 7 different styles: Point Fighting, light-contact, full-contact, kick-light, low-kick, K1-style and musical forms. Today W.A.K.O can count on 126 affiliated nations in the five continents, with 95 officially recognized by their respective Sports or Olympic Council. W.A.K.O id the only International Federation and governing body of sport of Kickboxing as a member of Sport accord. W.A.K.O is officially recognized by Sport Accord, Olympic Council of Asia, WADA and International World Games Association as been the official Kickboxing governing body of sport. The sport of Kickboxing was included in World Combat Games, Asian Indoor Games the Martial Arts Games promoted by OCA and is a demonstration sport in the 2017 International World Games . WAKo Has five continental divisions functioning under the auspices fo WAKO International Federation: WAKO Europe, WAKO Pan America, WAKO Asia, WAKO Oceania and WAKO Africa.


W.A.K.O holds a world championships every two years, with youth (18 and under) and adults (18–45) on separate years; only national teams are accepted. Each member country can present only one competitor in each weight class. Competitors are commonly the national champion of their weight class in that particular kickboxing style and many are also officially recognised by their National Olympic Committees or Ministry of Sports.

WAKO kickboxing was one of thirteen combat sports participating in the first Combat Games being held in Beijing, China under the patronage of the IOC and SportAccord. WAKO will again be participating in the World Combat Games, in St. Petersburg Russia in September 2013, under the patronage of the IOC and SportAccord. It will have three styles at the Combat Games - Low Kick, Point Fighting (formally called Semi Contact), and Full Contact.

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