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The World Boxing Federation (WBF) is a sanctioning organization currently recognizing professional boxing world champions. Its offices are located in Luxembourg.


The World Boxing Federation was originally established in early 1988 in Bristol, Tennessee (USA) by its founder and inaugural president Larry Carrier, who was popular as the owner of the Bristol International Raceway. In the following year, the WBF held its first championship bouts and Carrier passed on the presidency of the organization to Ron Scalf. In 2005, Carrier, who was successful in a multitude of business enterprises, died at the age of 82 after a long illness.

Current WBF World Title holders[edit]


Weight class: Champion: Date won:
Strawweight (105 lbs) vacant
Light flyweight (108 lbs) vacant
Flyweight (112 lbs) vacant
Super flyweight (115 lbs) vacant
Bantamweight (118 lbs) South Africa Lubabalo Msuthu 19 November 2011
Super bantamweight (122 lbs) vacant
Featherweight (126 lbs) Ukraine Timur Akhundov 30 March 2013
Super featherweight (130 lbs) Mexico Jesus Cruz Bibiano 17 November 2012
Lightweight (135 lbs) vacant
Light welterweight (140 lbs) South Africa Zolani Marali 8 December 2012
Welterweight (147 lbs) Mexico Humberto Soto 10 November 2012
Light Middleweight (154 lbs) Brazil Anderson Clayton 27 April 2013
Middleweight (160 lbs) vacant 14 July 2012
Super middleweight (168 lbs) Tanzania Francis Cheka 30 August 2013
Light heavyweight (175 lbs) vacant
Cruiserweight (200 lbs) South Africa Danie Venter 21 September 2013
Heavyweight (200+ lbs) Cameroon Carlos Takam 24 May 2013


Weight class: Champion: Date won:
Strawweight (105 lbs) France Anne Sophie Da Costa 20 October 2012
Light flyweight (108 lbs) South Korea Ju Hee Kim 12 September 2010
Flyweight (112 lbs) Mexico Irma Sanchez 23 July 2011
Super flyweight (115 lbs) vacant
Bantamweight (118 lbs) vacant
Super bantamweight (122 lbs) United StatesBolivia Jennifer Salinas 16 November 2013
Featherweight (126 lbs) Australia Shannon O'Connell
Super featherweight (130 lbs) Germany Ramona Kuehne June 4, 2010
Lightweight (135 lbs) Italy Lucia Morelli 12 January 2013
Light welterweight (140 lbs) vacant
Welterweight (147 lbs) vacant
Super welterweight (154 lbs) Anne Sophie Mathis 1 June 2013
Middleweight (160 lbs) Germany Christina Hammer 18 February 2011
Super middleweight (168 lbs) Germany Nikki Adler 25 May 2013
Light heavyweight (175 lbs) vacant
Cruiserweight (200 lbs) vacant
Heavyweight (200+ lbs) vacant

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