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World Checkers/Draughts Championship is the championship of the World Checkers/Draughts Federation. The competition is in English draughts and as that is called "Checkers" or "Straight checkers" in many nations the name reflects the variant having two names. Noted world champions include Andrew Anderson James Wyllie, Robert Martins, Robert D. Yates, James Ferrie, Alfred Jordan, Newell W. Banks, Robert Stewart, Asa Long, Walter Hellman, Marion Tinsley, Derek Oldbury, Ron King, Michele Borghetti, Alex Moiseyev, Patricia Breen, and Amangul Durdyyeva.[1] As the men's version dates to the 1840s it predates the men's Draughts World Championship, the championship for men in International draughts, by several decades. The winners in men's have been from the United Kingdom, United States, Barbados, and most recently Italy in the 3-Move division. However the woman's championship is more recent than the woman's championship in International draughts and started in 1993. On the women's side the winners have been from Ireland, Turkmenistan, and the Ukraine.


Year Winner Nationality
1840—1844 Andrew Anderson  Scotland
1844—1847 James Wyllie  Scotland
1847—1849 Andrew Anderson  Scotland
1849—1859 James Wyllie  Scotland
1859—1864 Robert Martins  Scotland
1864—1876 James Wyllie  Scotland
1876—1878 Robert D. Yates  United States
1878—1894 James Wyllie  Scotland
1894—1896 James Ferrie  Scotland
1896—1903 Richard Jordan  Scotland
1903—1912 James Ferrie  Scotland
1912—1917 Alfred Jordan  England
1917—1922 Newell Banks  United States
1922—1933 Robert Stewart  Scotland
1933—1934 Newell Banks  United States
1934—1948 Asa Long  United States
1948—1955 Walter Hellman  United States
1955—1958 Marion Tinsley  United States
1958—1975 Walter Hellman  United States
1975—1991 Marion Tinsley  United States
1991—1994 Derek Oldbury  England
Year Winner Nationality
1994—2014 Ron King  Barbados
2014— Sergio Scarpetta  Italy
Year Winner Nationality
1994—2002 Ron King  Barbados
2003—2013 Alex Moiseyev  United States
2013— Michele Borghetti  Italy


Year Winner Nationality
2006—2012 Amangul Durdyyeva  Turkmenistan
2013— Nadiya Chyzhevska  Ukraine
Year Winner Nationality
1993—2007 Patricia Breen  Ireland
2007—2012 Amangul Durdyyeva  Turkmenistan
2012— Nadiya Chyzhevska  Ukraine