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World Faith is an international NGO founded in 2008 by Frank Fredericks. The organization’s stated mission is to “counter religious extremism and strife by demonstrating how faith can inform work for unity and peace, rather than hate, war, and division.”[1] They aim to promote opportunities for interfaith dialogue through community service projects to “[foster] genuine dialogue that is built around the shared values of service” and to “[inspire] project participants to build cross-identity friendships and strengthen their understanding of other religious traditions.”[2]

The organization is based in New York City, but oversees chapters in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India as well as North America.[3] Local chapters focus on a range of issues determined by the “specific needs of the communities” which they serve, like "poverty, homelessness, women's education, and refugee needs."[1]

Board Members include Khalid Latif, Joshua Stanton, and Chris Stedman.[4]

In 2010, World Faith was recognized by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Forum as one of nine "most innovative organizations best positioned to promote intercultural dialogue."[5]


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