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The World Leadership Awards have been prepared by the World Leadership Forum of England, UK (reportedly dissolved as of 2012),[1] and have been presented to city leaders who have shown exceptional imagination, foresight or resilience in a number of key fields - especially cities that have reversed trends, shaken off traditional images, and acted as an example and inspiration to others.[2]

The Awards were instituted in 2005, and internet citations indicate they were awarded in 2006 and 2007 ((further data encouraged)). Press releases from some winners have indicated that in 2006, around 400 cities, worldwide, were invited to compete in 15 categories of urban quality and improvement.[2][3]

Note that the Awards (or others of the same name)) have since been awarded (In 2012, AFTER the 2009 apparent collapse of the sponsoring World Leadership Forum, Ltd. organization—accourding to a cursory web search for the term "World Leadership Awards".

Awards were issued to cities who filed entries with the World Leadership Forum, in the


(For full list of 2006 winners., see separate heading -- WINNERS in 2006 -- below)

  • World Leadership Awards[4]
- category: Architecture & Civil Engineering;
- category: Culture & the Arts;
- category: Housing;
- category: Economy &/or Employment;
- category: Environment;
- category: Law & Order;
- category: Urban Renewal[6][7]
- Other Shortlist Finalists for 2006:
* Kansas City, Missouri, USA
* Manchester, England, UK
* Calcutta, India
- category: Transport
- category: Utilities / Water / Conservation

Winners in 2006[edit]

The winners of the 2006 World Leadership Awards have been announced at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

  • Architecture & Civil Engineering: City of Lima - City of Yellow Stairs
  • Economy & Employment: City of Krakow - Tourist Development
  • Education & Development of the Young: City of Lagos - Community-Youth Integration
  • Environment: City of Calgary - Making a difference
  • Health: City of Mississauga - Healthy City Stewardship Centre
  • Law & Order: City of Stuttgart - Partnership for Safety and Security
  • Science & Technology: City of Lagos - Improving Quality of Lives[3]
  • Town Planning: City of Lima - South Ecological Park
  • Transport: Mexico City - Sustainable Transport
  • Urban Renewal: City of St. Louis - Strategy for Renewal
  • Utilities: City of Albuquerque - Securing a Priceless Future


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