World Order (band)

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World Order
Origin Japan
Genres techno, Pop rock
Years active 2009–present
Labels Pony Canyon
Members Genki Sudo
Takashi Jonishi
Yusuke Morisawa
Masato Ochiai
Akihiro Takahashi
Hayato Uchiyama
Ryuta Tomita
Past members Kiyoyuki Sakiyama
Ryo Noguchi

World Order (stylized as WORLD ORDER) is a Japanese band formed by Genki Sudo following his retirement from Mixed Martial Arts. The band is best known for their song "Machine Civilization". This song was produced in response to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.[1]

World Order has produced two albums, World Order and 2012. Many of their videos show the band performing choreographed robotic dance in public places.[2]

World Order was featured in the 26th season premiere of the CBS reality television show The Amazing Race. Teams had the opportunity to participate in a detour where they would attempt to mimic World Order's dance moves. The dance was set to the song "Welcome to TOKYO".


World Order[edit]

Released: July 7, 2010

Publisher: P-Vine Records

No. Title Length
1. "World Order"   4:30
2. "Mind Shift"   4:58
3. "A Brave New World"   5:17
4. "Boy Meets Girl"   5:02
5. "Blue Boundary"   4:39
6. "Love and Everything"   5:01


Released: June 20, 2012

Publisher: Pony Canyon

No. Title Length
1. "The History of Voice"   4:45
2. "2012"   4:36
3. "Machine Civilization"   5:31
4. "Hello Atlantis"   4:31
5. "Change Your Life"   3:54
6. "Aquarius"   4:14
7. "World Order" (Tax Haven Remix) 4:18

Find the Light/Permanent Revolution[edit]

Released: November 28, 2012

Publisher: Pony Canyon

No. Title Length
1. "FIND THE LIGHT"   4:27
3. "FIND THE LIGHT - Remix"   4:09
4. "PERMANENT REVOLUTION - Remix"   3:58

Sudo Genki Presents WORLD ORDER in Budokan[edit]

Released: August 7, 2013

Publisher: Pony Canyon

Have a Nice Day[edit]

Released: December 17, 2014

Publisher: Pony Canyon

No. Title Length
2. "LAST DANCE"    
3. "THIS IS LIFE"    
4. "HAVE A NICE DAY"    
6. "WORLD ORDER -Welcome to TOKYO Remix-"    
7. "MACHINE CIVILIZATION -Inner Child Remix-"    
8. "AQUARIUS -3.8 Remix-"    


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