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The World Resources Institute (WRI) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in 1982 with offices in the United States (Washington, D.C.) and China (Beijing). WRI India, based in Mumbai, is an independent organization inspired by WRI and sharing WRI's mission, goals, and programs.

WRI focuses on the intersection of the environment and socio-economic development. The organization goes beyond research to put ideas into action, working globally with governments, business, and civil society to build transformative solutions that protect the earth and improve people's lives.[1]

WRI organizes its work around four key goals:

  • Climate, Energy & Transport. Protect the global climate system from further harm due to emissions of greenhouse gases and help humanity and the natural world adapt to unavoidable climate change.
  • Governance & Access: Empower people and strengthen institutions to foster environmentally sound and socially equitable decision-making.
  • Markets & Enterprise: Harness markets and enterprise to expand economic opportunity and protect the environment.
  • People & Ecosystems: Reverse rapid degradation of ecosystems and assure their capacity to provide humans with needed goods and services.

WRI is probably best known for its biennial publication, the World Resources Report, a well-regarded collection of data and in-depth analysis on current environmental issues. The most recent edition of World Resources, entitled Creating a Sustainable Food Future.[2]

WRI is governed by a Board of Directors.[3] Donor information and accomplishments of the organization are highlighted in its Annual Report.[4] The current president, Dr. Andrew Steer, began his term in August 2012.[5]


WRI's mission is to accompany human society to live in ways that protect Earth's environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations.


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