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The World Festival of Sacred Music (Festival des Musiques Sacrées du Monde) brings together performers from every corner of our planet for a week of artistic show in Fes, Morocco's ancient holy city. It was first held in 1994.

Los Angeles[edit]

The World Festival of Sacred Music-Los Angeles is a citywide festival that takes place in Los Angeles once every three years. It is a sixteen-day celebration of the rich sacred music and movement traditions of the people of Los Angeles, with 40 events produced in 40 diverse venues ranging from the city's major stages to intimate places of worship.

The Festival was initiated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1999 as part of an unprecedented celebration of the human spirit. The Festival is a largely volunteer and grassroots effort based on the intention to utilize the arts festival model to build genuine community cooperation and understanding.


The World Sacred Music Festival in Olympia, Washington, USA began in 2005, inspired by the Fez Festival and other sacred music festivals. Sponsored by the non-profit organization Interfaith Works, the World Sacred Music Festival features regional and international artists from a wide variety of ethnicities and spiritual traditions. In 2005 it was a two-day festival and from 2006-2009 it was a single-day festival. In 2010 the festival began presenting quarterly sacred music events.

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