World Seniors Championship

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World Seniors Championship
2013 World Seniors Championship logo.png
Tournament information
Venue Circus Arena
Location Blackpool
Country England
Established 1991
Organisation(s) World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association
Format Non-ranking event
Total prize fund £50,000[1]
Current champion(s) England Steve Davis

The World Seniors Championship is a professional non-ranking snooker tournament for players, who reach the age of 45 years during the season. The reigning champion is Steve Davis.


The event was first held in 1991 with 16 players aged over 40. It took place at the Trentham Gardens in Stoke-on-Trent with the sponsorship of Matchroom. The final was contested between the two highest ranked players, with Cliff Wilson defeating Eddie Charlton 5–4 to become the inaugural champion.[2] The event was revived in 2010, but the field was reduced to 9 players and was played in Bradford.[3] The event was sponsored by Wyldecrest Park Homes, who remained the sponsor until 2012.[2][4]

In 2011 the age eligibility criteria was increased from 40 to 45,[5] and it was moved to the East of England Showground in Peterborough.[6] All matches were best of 3 frames, a 30-second shot clock was introduced after ten minutes of play, and the miss rule was altered so ball-in-hand was awarded anywhere on table after the third miss. The field was increased to 16 players, with 12 being invited and the four coming through qualifying.[5][7] In 2012 the event was move to the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth.[8] In 2013 the number of qualifying spots was reduced to two,[1] and the event was sponsored by[9] Stephen Hendry became eligible to compete at tournament, because he turned 45 during the 2013/2014 season.[10] In the 2014/2015 the event was moved to the second half of the season, and it will be held at Circus Arena in Blackpool.[11]



Year Winner Runner-Up Final score Season
1991 Wales Cliff Wilson Australia Eddie Charlton 5–4 1991/92
2010[3] England Jimmy White England Steve Davis 4–1 2010/11
2011[6] Wales Darren Morgan England Steve Davis 2–1 2011/12
2012[8] England Nigel Bond Wales Tony Chappel 2–0 2012/13
2013[1] England Steve Davis England Nigel Bond 2–1 2013/14
2015[11] 2014/15


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