World Series Baseball '95

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World Series Baseball '95
World Series Baseball '95
North American cover art (Game Gear)
Developer(s) Sega[1]
Publisher(s) Sega[1]
Designer(s) Chuck Osieja
Jay Panek
Dana Christianson
Platform(s) Game Gear
Sega Genesis
Release date(s) Game Gear: Sega Genesis: Sega 32X:
Genre(s) Traditional baseball simulation[1]
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Cartridge

World Series Baseball '95 is a traditional baseball simulation video game by Sega that allows players to put teams involved in the 1994 Major League Baseball season in either exhibition, regular season, or playoff mode.


This video game also permits the player to create two customized teams with their choice of their favorite players (no luxury taxes unlike the modern baseball games).[4] At the conclusion of the regular season there are awards given out for MVP, along with the Cy Young Award, the Triple Crown, amongst other awards that are dependent on regular season statistics. Also, players are selected to the All-Star Game purely based on statistics from the first half of the regular season. Unlocking a code allows a fictional team in exhibition mode.

In Japan, this game is sponsored by Hideo Nomo and is called Nomo's World Series Baseball in English and Nomo Hideo no World Series Baseball in Japanese.[4] The players are asked how many innings they want to play and if they need a designated hitter prior to starting the game among other options like an optional digitized voice (for all the umpire's decisions) and the way that the game is viewed (front or back).


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