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World TV Ltd is a television and radio company in New Zealand. It broadcasts eleven television channels and two radio channels 24 hours daily, throughout New Zealand on SKY Network Television. It also provides 2 free television channels on Freeview UHF aerial.

World TV Ltd aims to provide quality entertainment, educational and cultural programming that serves local born Asian and new Asian immigrants. World TV launched in June 2000 and in March 2006, the company added three more new television channels to serve the growing Korean and Chinese population. As of December 2005, the company had 11,500 subscribers.[citation needed]

There is also a subsidiary company, Chinese Voice Broadcasting Ltd which operates the radio stations. World TV magazine is published by the company with a circulation of 20000.[1]


Chinese TV 8 (CTV 八)
Launched 1pm, 13 August 2007 (UHF) 9 October 2008 (Freeview)
Network World TV Limited
Owned by World TV Limited
Picture format 576i 4:3 (SDTV)
Country  New Zealand
Language Standard Mandarin
Broadcast area Digital: Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Napier-Hastings, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin on Freeview UHF aerial and Auckland on Analogue UHF.
Headquarters Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand
Sister channel(s) CTV 1 to CTV 7 ( on Sky Digital)
Website CTV8
UHF Channel 62 (Auckland)
Freeview|HD Channel 028

World TV channel logos

JTV (NHK World Premium)[edit]

Japan's state-owned NHK World Premium delivers news, sport, culture, documentary, drama, music, finance report and children’s programmes. This channel also provides NHK world radio 24 hours service through the sub-audio system.

KTV 1 (KBS World)[edit]

Popular KBS Korean language entertainment TV channel delivering news, sport, culture, music, documentary, drama and children’s programmes, finance reports and local TV3 news with Korean subtitles from Monday to Friday.

KTV 2[edit]

A mix of popular MBC and SBS Korean language television channels. MBC supplies news, sport, culture, music, documentary, drama, children’s programming and finance reports. SBS supplies their well known dramas.


A Cantonese entertainment and information, finance and business reports from TVBJ, ATV, RTHK, I-Cable TV with movies from Celestial Movies and daily local TV3 evening news with Chinese subtitles.


A variety show channel in Mandarin. This channel provides programmes from ETTV, CTI, Jet TV, TVBSN, TVBS, Azio TV, Unique Business TV, CTV, STV of Taiwan and local productions such as local news programme.


A Taiwan base channel in Mandarin. This channel formed by FTV, SETI, ETTV, CTI, Da-Ai TV, TVB 8, and STV bringing a selection of prime time drama, and variety shows.

CTV4 (Phoenix TV Chinese Channel)[edit]

A Mandarin channel of daily news, business and finance reports, sport, culture, documentary, variety shows and dramas from the Phoenix TV Chinese Channel of Hong Kong.


A Chinese drama channel in Mandarin. This channel the latest dramas from Monday to Friday with classical movies and dramas for Saturday and Sunday. Dramas come from the TVB Xing He channel in Hong Kong, and individual producers from Shanghai and Beijing.

CTV6 (CCTV4)[edit]

A Mandarin channel mainly broadcasting the state-owned CCTV-4 of China.


A Mandarin channel formed by Hunan Broadcasting System and Phoenix TV Info News Channel.


CTV8 ( CTV ; pinyin ) or Chinese Television 8 is a free-to-air regional television channel in Auckland, New Zealand. It launched in August 2007 on UHF Channel 62 and broadcast 24 hours a day to the Auckland urban region. CTV8 has made history in New Zealand as the first Chinese national television channel to be launched. The channel was made available nationwide via Freeview UHF aerial on Freeview Channel 28. The station's content is mostly in Mandarin with some Cantonese and very little content in English. It also simulcasts New Supremo (AM936 and FM990) radio.

CTV8 is targeted at the rapidly growing Chinese population in the Auckland urban region (approx. 105,000 Chinese) and for people who are interested in the Mandarin language. The Schedule includes a variety of Infotainment news, dramas, lifestyle talkshows and much more. News is broadcast direct-live from Phoenix News. Most programs are made in The Greater China Region of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. CTV8 also broadcasts its daily morning (I Love New Zealand) and afternoon (News Talk for Today) radio talk shows at 7am and 3pm, respectively. CTV8's Radio talk shows are free-to-watch on TVNZ ondemand (only available to New Zealand residents)


TV9 logo

A free English language channel on Freeview UHF aerial 29 with a focus on Chinese content.


WTV Real Good Life[edit]

WTV Real Good Life is the only Cantonese radio in Auckland. It started broadcasting in 2003. On top of local news and public affairs programmes, Real Good Life also broadcasts programs from 2003-2009 on 95.8 MHz but has since changed to 99.4 MHz. It also broadcasts 24 hours a day on Sky. The station aims to communicate to the Cantonese-speaking communities which mainly come from Hong Kong, Canton, Singapore and Malaysia. It covers shows targeted at ages from youth to midwives, broadcasting shows from Commercial Radio Hong Kong's "The Ultimate Chart Show" playing the weeks top hits to a show which advises on parenting. Real Good Life now shares a website ( with other local Chinese radio and television stations in which they have forums and news.[1]

Some programmes from the following Hong Kong radio stations are broadcast on Real Good Life: Commercial Radio Hong Kong (商業電台), Metro Broadcast Corporation (新城廣播有限公司) and Radio Television Hong Kong (香港電台). Apart from re-broadcasting content from Hong Kong, Real Good Life also produces local programmes. They include the hourly news focusing on local and Greater China content, breakfast show "Hello New Zealand" and afternoon drive time programme "News & Lifestyle." Local DJ music shows also broadcast weekly. Eighteen Floor Block C (18楼C座) which has run in Hong Kong since 1968 is also broadcast on the station.

WTV New Supremo[edit]

The only Mandarin-language radio channel which broadcasts 24 hours daily nationwide on Sky and with radio frequency AM 936 and on FM 104.2 to cover Auckland area.



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