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The first World Youth Scrabble Championships were held in Wollongong, Australia 2006. Competitors from Australia, Bahrain, Canada, China, England, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka. Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates and United States have competed in the annual tournament so far. WYSC is open to anyone under the age of 18 on January 1 of the year of each tournament. The tournament has always been held towards the start of December. So far the WYSC tournament has been held in Malaysia four times, Australia once and the Philippines once.

Top 10 Finishers of WYSC 2006[edit]

Place Player Country
1st David Eldar Australia
2nd Austin Shin England
3rd Will Nediger Canada
4th Joshua Sng Singapore
5th Benjamin Chow Singapore
6th Toh Weibin Singapore
7th Thacha Koowirat Thailand
8th Tanasak Supaphibunk Thailand
9th Sherwin Rodrigues India
10th Lee Guan Hui Singapore

WYSC 2006 took place at Wollongong University, Wollongong, Australia

Top 10 Finishers of WYSC 2007[edit]

Place Player Country
1st Toh Weibin Singapore
2nd Sean Chung Chin Shiu Malaysia
3rd Ong Suanne Malaysia
4th Liew Kian Boon Singapore
5th Pasit Natearpha Thailand
6th Benjamin Chow Singapore
7th Ian Tay Zhi Xian Malaysia
8th Charas Worrapotpisut Thailand
9th Lee Guan Hui Singapore
10th Imron Sawamipak Thailand

The 2007 WYSC took place on December 4-6 2007 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Top 10 Finishers of WYSC 2008[edit]

Place Player Country
1st Charnrit Khongthanarat Thailand
2nd Darren Khoo Beng Way Malaysia
3rd Scott Chung Malaysia
4th Ramaraj Sundraraj Malaysia
5th Suanne Ong Malaysia
6th Mohsin Ahmed India
7th Wanchana Jirapitikul Thailand
8th Samitha Amarasinghe Sri Lanka
9th Alastair Richards Australia
10th Akaradech Suppapitta Thailand

WYSC 2008 took place in Georgetown Penang, Malaysia

Top 10 Finishers of WYSC 2009[edit]

Place Player Country
1st Suanne Ong Malaysia
2nd Alastair Richards Australia
3rd Michael McKenna Australia
4th Preedee Khongthanara Thailand
5th Charnrit Khongthana Thailand
6th Oluwaseun Oyeleke Nigeria
7th Wong Zhi Yuan Singapore
8th Wanchana Jirapitikul Thailand
9th Goutham Jayaraman Singapore
10th Charas Worapotpisut Thailand

The 2009 WYSC was held in the Zon Regency Hotel, Johor Bahru as part of the Iskandar Malaysia World Festival of Scrabble. Unlike previous years of WYSC which featured 22 games over 3 days and a best out of 5 play-off; the 2009 WYSC was a 24 game tournament held over 3 days without any final play-off. The World Youth Scrabble Championships of 2009 was held from Tuesday, December 8 to Thursday, December 10. 2009 WYSC had a record number of entrants of over 80. Members of the Malaysian monarchy were present for the prize giving ceremony. The Princess of Malaysia personally congratulated each of the prize winners. In the pre-tournament trivia competition (which includes 3 team-of-3 games of scrabble), the winning team was "Table 8", consisting of Joe Knapper of England, Phillip Hamilton of Australia and Theodoro Martus of Philippines.

Top 10 Finishers of WYSC 2010[edit]

Place Player Country
1st Ker Jen Ho Malaysia
2nd Preedee Khongthanara Thailand
3rd William Kang Malaysia
4th Oluwafemi Akinlosotu Nigeria
5th Kitty-Jean Laginha Australia
6th Tawan Paepolsiri Thailand
7th Vinnith Ramamurti Malaysia
8th Mohd Bin Abdul Suma Philippines
9th Jessica Pratesi England
10th Looi Yih Feng Malaysia

Cheong Yi Hua of Malaysia, a non-qualifier, finished in 19th position and received the encouragement award for her well-above-expectation result. Irwin Goh of Malaysia received the Paulette Yeoh Award for his strong behind-the-scenes helping of the tournament. This was the first WYSC to have more than 1 female finish in the top ten [Kitty-Jean Laginha (Australia) and Jessica Pratesi (England)] and the first WYSC to have a Filipino finish in the top ten (Mohd Bin Abdul Suma). The pre-tournament trivia competition ran again in 2010 and the winning team was "SAM GUN" which consisted of Kim Rubina (Philippines), Arvinran Rajendran (Malaysia) and Shahroz Zamir (Pakistan). Second place went to the returning team name of "Table 8" which consisted of Phillip Hamilton (Australia), Traci Malitao (Philippines), Pranav Kaarthik (Qatar) and Lim Mao Fong (Malaysia). 4 ladies made it to play at Table 1 during the tournament. They were: Sirinapa Srinornil (Thailand), Natasha Podesser (Australia), Kitty-Jean Laginha (Australia) and Jessica Pratesi (England). This the first time more than one female had played on table 1 with the exclusion of Game 1. Finally, Natasha Podesser of Australia was the only player in existence to have played in all 4 previous WYSC tournaments, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and also the 2010 WYSC. However, being 17 years old during the 2010 WYSC, she will be too old to compete in any further WYSC's. Oluwafemi Akinlosotu of Nigeria held the lead of the tournament for the (incredibly) first thirteen games.

Top 10 Finishers of WYSC 2011[edit]

Place Player Country
1st Anand Bharadwaj Australia
2nd Victor Gwee Singapore
3rd Michael McKenna Australia
4th Yeshan Jayasuriya Sri Lanka
5th Premkumar Nimalan Sri Lanka
6th Oliver Garner United Kingdom
7th Sinatarn Pattanasuwanna Thailand
8th Mohd Bin Abdul Suma Philippines
9th Jessica Pratesi United Kingdom
10th Somphong Phosai Thailand

WYSC 2011 took place in the same location as 2007 and 2009: The Zon Regency Hotel, Malaysia. This year produced the youngest ever WYSC champion, Anand Bharadwaj being a mere 11 years old and in the process making Australia the second country to have had a representative win WYSC more than once (2006/2011) the other country being Malaysia (2009/2010). Michael McKenna (Australia) placed 3rd, making it his second 3rd placing in his years at WYSC (2009/2011). Jessica Pratesi placed in 9th position for the second year running, Mohd Suma retained his 8th position from 2010. Anand also stayed in first position for longer than any other player, leading the tournament for an astonishing eleven rounds. 2011 was the first year that there were no competitors who had played in every single WYSC. The pre-WYSC trivia tournament that ran in 2009 and 2010 did not run in 2011.

Top 10 Finishers of WYSC 2012[edit]

Place Player Country
1st Michael McKenna Australia
2nd Cheong Yi Wei Malaysia
3rd William Kang Malaysia
4th Navya Zaveri UAE
5th Yeshan Jayasuriya Sri Lanka
6th Yasiru Fernando Sri Lanka
7th Tim Byrant USA
8th Sompong Phosai Thailand
9th Jessica Pratesi United Kingdom
10th Sinatarn Pattanasuwanna Thailand

High Word went to Javeria Mirza (Pakistan), SHUNTERS (158) High Game went to Sinatarn Pattanasuwanna for 640.

WYSC 2012 took place at the UK Britannia Hotel in Birmingham, England from Friday December 7 to Sunday December 9. There are expected to be 99 entries in 2012 making it the most populous WYSC event yet but only 60 managed to get there. Michael McKenna sealed his victory at the tournament with a game to spare- he won game 23 to lead of 1.5 wins going into the final round. This win now means that Australia is home to more WYSC than any other nation. Australia has three, Malaysia has two and Singapore and Thailand have one apiece. Michael McKenna has also attended six out of the seven WYSC events (2007-2012), truly making him a veteran and a highly respected member of the youth Scrabble community. Past WYSC events have held trivia tournaments, however, 2012 held a warmup tournament. First place went to Arham Abidi, then following him were Alastair Richards and Michael McKenna. Game 24 of the 2012 WYSC had a high scoring tie. Sinatarn Pattansuwanna (Thailand) and Tawan Paepolsiri (Thailand) tied with 532.

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