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Industry SaaS, Platform as a Service, CMS
Founded 1998 (1998)
Founders Gary Gannaway, CEO
Headquarters New York City, New York, US

Worldnow is an end-to-end multimedia management and publishing solution headquartered in New York City.[1] Worldnow’s core offering is its enterprise software platform, [2] which unifies a content management system, video management and publishing, mobile website and application creation and management, social media integrations, and advertising capabilities into a single solution.[3] Additionally, Worldnow offers any part of its solution as a separate product.[4] Worldnow’s platform is built to easily integrate with other technology vendors or to be easily adapted for specific needs by in-house development teams.[4] Worldnow’s chief market is local television news.[4] Worldnow is partners with over 450 media companies, including Fox and CBS affiliates.[5] [6]


In 1998, President and CEO, Gary Gannaway, founded Worldnow, investing $31 million of his own money.[4] Raycom Media and LIN Media invested additional money.[4] Gannaway founded Worldnow believing that high-speed broadband Internet would create an opportunity for video broadcasters to reach viewers online.[4] Gannaway thought that viewers would gravitate towards online consumption because it allowed them to choose what to watch whenever they wanted to.[7] Initially, Worldnow’s goal was to provide a video content management system for local news stations that supported advertising so they could monetize their new digital traffic.[4]

In 2004, Worldnow began the process of revamping its platform so that its customers could easily customize or integrate any part or all of Worldnow’s solution with their existing systems.[8] According to Gannaway, “[Worldnow’s new] goal is to make sure that we integrate with all systems."[9] In 2006, Worldnow helped clients LIN Media, The New York Times, and Young Broadcasting create multi-million dollar revenue streams from digital advertising sales.[10] In 2010, Worldnow incorporated a mobile content management system into its publishing system.[9] Worldnow expanded its operations to include mobile website and mobile app creation and management as part of its continual mission to remain integrated with all systems and to publish to all IP-enabled screens.[11] In 2012, Fox left their own CMS, EndPlay, to become a client of Worldnow.[9] With the Fox stations, Worldnow provided technology and services to over 40% of all 720 U.S. local news stations.[9] By 2014, Worldnow was partners with over 450 stations, over 50% of the entire market.[12] According to comScore, Worldnow’s network of client sites was the second highest growing media property on desktops from March 2013 to March 2014, after Buzzfeed.[1]

Patented Video Technology[edit]

In 2013, Worldnow's patent was approved for its video technology.[13] Worldnow’s video technology has an intelligent file-based workflow, which supports nearly every video format. The technology allows for clips to be edited as a video is still being recorded, so these clips can be instantly pushed to digital properties.[13] Also, Worldnow integrates with legacy TV editing systems, such as Avid, Grass Valley, and ENPS.[8] [4] This creates a bi-directional workflow so that assets can be pushed from on-air to digital systems and visa versa.[8] The technology was created to simplify the publishing process, so content producers would not have to copy and paste from one system to another.[14]

Strategic Consulting[edit]

In addition to its technological suite, Worldnow provides strategic consulting on how to best drive traffic to clients’ sites, using the platform’s search engine optimization tools and social media integrations.[9] Worldnow’s philosophy runs counter to the standard thought in the industry.[9] Rather than focusing solely on monetizing digital properties, Worldnow has focused on using a digital presence to drive local newsrooms’ on-air ratings.[9] According to Founder and CEO, Gary Gannaway, a site that uses the Worldnow platform “can reinforce the [station’s] brand and may add a single rating point back to the news. One rating point in San Diego equals $3 million [in on-air advertising sales].”[15]

Worldnow also provides strategic local sales packages to help clients bring in local ad revenue.[3] Worldnow supplies local advertisers with video services that extend beyond a 30-second slot, such as the streaming of medical procedures or infomercials.[16]

National Advertising Network[edit]

In addition to licensing technology, Worldnow maintains a portion of its clients’ advertising inventory to create a national ad network of local news sites.[8]