Worlds' Finest

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This article is about the comic book launched in 2012. For earlier versions of this title, see World's Finest Comics.
Worlds' Finest
Cover for Worlds' Finest #1 (July 2012).
Art by George Pérez.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Schedule monthly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date July 2012
Number of issues 26 (#1-25 plus issue numbered 0) (as of September 2014 cover date)
Main character(s) Power Girl
Creative team
Writer(s) Paul Levitz
Artist(s) Geraldo Borges, José Luis García-López, Barry Kitson, Kevin Maguire, Jerry Ordway, George Pérez
Inker(s) Scott Koblish

Worlds' Finest is a comic book published by DC Comics. Launched in May 2012, the book was part of a second wave of The New 52 reboot[1][2] and was one of six books replacing previously cancelled titles (in this case, the publication uses a slightly modified version of the original title, World's Finest). Written by Paul Levitz and with pencils by George Pérez and Kevin Maguire, the book stars Huntress and Power Girl. In the first issue, the two heroines are established as being from Earth 2, and having accidentally been exiled to the main DC Universe. Huntress, the daughter of Earth 2's Batman, has maintained a heroic identity for some time, while Karen has functioned as a billionaire industrialist, using her ownership of Starr Labs as a cover to try and discover a way for them to return home. After a Starr Labs subsidiary in Japan is destroyed, Karen adopts the superhero identity of Power Girl to fight alongside Huntress.[3]

It is revealed in the first issue that Helena Bertinelli has been dead for a long time and that Helena Wayne has been using her identity, as seen in the 2011-2012 Huntress miniseries.


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