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The Tump Inn

Wormelow Tump is a village in Herefordshire, England, 11 km (6.8 mi) south of Hereford and 15 km (9.3 mi) north west of Ross-on-Wye.

The tump itself was a mound which local tradition holds was the burial place of King Arthur's son Amr . The tump was flattened to widen the road in 1896.

Wormelow gave its name to a hundred. The Domesday Book mentions the custom that all citizens of Herefordshire who owned a horse were required to attend the meeting of all the Hundreds, which took place every three years at Wormelow Tump.[1]

The village is the site of the Violette Szabo GC Museum, commemorating the life of World War II secret agent Violette Szabo.

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Coordinates: 51°58′05″N 2°44′27″W / 51.96794°N 2.74084°W / 51.96794; -2.74084

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