Worth Dying For (novel)

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Worth Dying For
Worth Dying For
Book cover
Author Lee Child
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Jack Reacher
Genre Thriller novel
Publisher Bantam Press (UK), Delacorte Press (US)
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover, Paperback), Audio, eBook
Pages 440
ISBN 978-0-593-06566-2
Preceded by 61 Hours
Followed by The Affair

Worth Dying For is the fifteenth book in the Jack Reacher series written by Lee Child. It was published on 30 September 2010 in the United Kingdom[1] and was published on 19 October 2010 in the USA.[2] It is written in the third person.


On his way to Virginia to meet Susan, the current Commanding Officer of the 110th Military Police Squadron from 61 Hours, Jack Reacher stops at the Apollo Inn, a fading motel in rural Nebraska. In the motel's bar he overhears a drunken doctor refuse to treat a woman's nosebleed. Eleanor Duncan is married to Seth Duncan. He is a scion of the Duncan clan which holds that part of Nebraska in its iron grip. Everyone there has learned to bow to their collective will without question. Reacher suspects domestic abuse and coerces the doctor into doing the right thing.


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