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Worthy Book
Private limited company
Industry Voucher, Marketing, Publishing
Founded 2010
Headquarters Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Key people
Han Jia (Co-founder),Ken Kho(Co-founder)
Parent Worthy Media Sdn Bhd
Slogan Instant Deals All-Year-Long
Website http://www.worthybook.my

Worthy Book is a Malaysian coupon-book brand held by Worthy Media, an advertising and marketing company which is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Worthy Book was released at September 2010 by Han Jia and Ken Kho. The voucher booklet offers discounts, offers and unspecified perks on dining, entertainment, health and beauty services and retail. Its focus on corporate social responsibility from its initial stage has received praise from non-governmental organizations such as National Kidney Foundation in Malaysia,[1] SPCA Malaysia and AIESEC.

Since its incorporation, the story of Worthy Book has attracted media coverage such as BFM 89.9, the Sun (Malaysia), the Malay Mail, Bernama TV, The Star (Malaysia) and others.[2]


Worthy Book was released by Han Jia and Ken Kho in September 2010. Han Jia is an Oxford University alumnus with a Masters of Engineering, Economics & Management. Prior to the co-founding of Worthy Book, Han Jia had had internships with various organizations such as Deloitte, Buro Happold and Oxfordshire County Council.

Nowadays, their coupon book can be found on the shelves of major bookstores in Klang Valley such as Borders, Books Kinokuniya, MPH, Times BookstoreMynews.com and Popular. Its recent collaboration with foodpanda, a venture of Rocket Internet, allows customers to order the book voucher online and have it delivered to them.

Jia's achievement with Worthy Book also won him a place in Prestige Top 40 under 40. [3]


Its business model is similar to that of magazines whereby merchants pay for advertisement and readers pay for subscription. [4] The book is designed in a way to cross between a shopping directory guide, write-up reviews and coupon offers. Each merchant brand is typically given a page of introductory description (price range, outlet addresses, editorial tips, “3 Must-Try” bestseller recommendations and so on) and a page of 4 or 5 offer coupons. One of its key selling points to merchants is that unlike other print media, whose readers may only care to browse through the advertisements once, their readers see clients’ advertisements throughout the year in order to redeem the deals. Furthermore, their coupons are categorized according to malls for customers’ convenience.[5]

In addition, Worthy Book allows for long-term marketing to garner supporters while online coupons bank on short-term marketing to gain a rise in sales. The coupons in Worthy Book are mostly valid for one year while online coupons will normally expire in three months.

From 2012 onward, the team behind Worthy Book decided to produce dedicated versions of the voucher booklet publication series for targeted niche audiences such as F&B edition and Ladies edition. Its 2013 Ladies Edition received favorable rating by on Yahoo! News. [6]

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