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Studio album by Osibisa
Released 1971
Recorded 1971
Genre Afro-pop
Length 40:44
Label MCA
Producer Tony Visconti
Osibisa chronology

Woyaya is the second album by British Afro-pop band Osibisa released in 1971 by MCA. Reissued in 2004 in a two-CD pack together with the self-titled album Osibisa by BGO Records.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Beautiful Seven"   Osei/Tontoh 6:42
2. "Y Sharp"   Osibisa 6:20
3. "Spirits Up Above"   Roland Kirk 7:18
4. "Survival"   Tontoh/Osei 6:07
5. "Move On"   Richardson 4:42
6. "Rabiatu"   Amao 5:07
7. "Woyaya"   Amarfio 4:28
Total length:

The Title[edit]

Although conventionally spelled "Woyaya" the title is actually "Wɔyaya" (with a backwards-c), which comes from the Ghanaian Akan language.[1] The title song was covered by Art Garfunkel on his debut solo album Angel Clare in 1973.


  • Teddy Osei – tenor saxophone, flute, African drums, percussion, vocals
  • Sol Amarfio – drums, fontonfrom, bongos, African drums, cowbells, percussion, vocals
  • Mac Tontoh – trumpet, flugelhorn, cowhorn, kabasa, percussion, vocals
  • Spartacus R (Roy Bedeau) – bass guitar, prenprensua, assorted percussion
  • Wendell Richardson – lead guitar, vocals
  • Robert Bailey – organ, piano, timbales, percussion, vocals
  • Loughty Lasisi Amao – tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute, congas, fontonfrom
  • Osibisa choir – friends and lovers



Chart positions[edit]

Year Chart Position
1971 Billboard 66