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Wrack is the common name for several species of seaweed in the family Fucaceae. Pelvetia canaliculata (L.) Dcne. et Thur., Fucus spiralis L., Fucus vesiculosus L., Ascophyllum nodosum (L.) Le Jol. and Fucus serratus L. are the most common examples to be found in the British Isles. Others are: Fucus ceranoides L.; Fucus cottonii M.J.Wynne and Magne; Fucus distichus L., and Fucus evanescans C.Agardh.

These algae are large and being common have "common" names in English. F. serratus is known as "Toothed Wrack"; Fucus vesiculosus is known as "Bladder Wrack"; Fucus spiralis is known as "Spiral Wrack"; Ascophyllum nodosum is known as "Knotted Wrack" and Pelvetia canaliculata is known as "Channelled Wrack".

Fucus serratus during low tide
P. canaliculata on a shoreline in Wales

These species along, with others, are found worldwide. For more information, see the species names or genus name:

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