Wraith World

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Wraith World
Wraith World (The Sarah Jane Adventures).jpg
Release number 8
Featuring Sarah Jane Smith
Luke Smith
Clyde Langer
Rani Chandra
Writer Cavan Scott & Mark Wright
Publisher BBC Audio
Read by Elisabeth Sladen
ISBN 978-1-4084-6663-6
Format(s) CD and Digital Download
Length 60 minutes
Release date 15 February 2010
Preceded by Deadly Download
Followed by Children of Steel

Wraith World is the eighth audio story in a series of ten audiobooks, this adventure is written by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright and is a spin-off from the British science fiction television series The Sarah Jane Adventures, itself a spin-off from Doctor Who.[1] This is the last story in the series read by Elisabeth Sladen before she died.


Rani is staying with Sarah Jane whilst her parents are in Danemouth, Sarah Jane and Rani visit a local bookshop as Rani's favourite author, Gregory P. Wilkinson is attending a booking signing and Rani is engor to meet him. Gregory sets up an interview for her at his house for the school newspaper. Later Gregory gives Rani his journal with all his notes and sketches for the ‘Wraith World’ book series Rani is so fond of. Soon Sarah Jane, Luke and Clyde realise that the journal is not from this world, that its controlling Rani and it can change reality.[2]



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