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Studio album by Fran Healy
Released 4 October 2010
Recorded 2009-2010
Genre Rock, soft rock
Length 33:58
Label Wreckord Label
Producer Emery Dobyns, Fran Healy
Fran Healy chronology
- Wreckorder
Singles from Wreckorder
  1. "Holiday"
    Released: 17 September 2010 [1]
  2. "Buttercups"
    Released: 4 October 2010[2]
  3. "Sing Me To Sleep"
    Released: 7 January 2011 [3]
  4. "Fly In The Ointment"
    Released: 21 February 2011[4]
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Absolute Punk 4.5/5 stars link
Allmusic 3/5 stars link
antiMusic 3/5 stars link
BBC Music 3/5 stars link
Decoy Music 4.5/5 stars link
Glide Magazine 4.5/5 stars link

Wreckorder is the debut solo album from Travis frontman, Fran Healy. The album was released on 4 October 2010,[5] on Healy's private label, WreckordLabel.[6] The album was recorded in late 2009 in Berlin and New York, before being completed in Vermont in early 2010.[7][8] It was produced by Emery Dobyns, with contributions from Paul McCartney, Neko Case and Noah and the Whale's Tom Hobden.[9] The album is available in standard and deluxe editions,[10] and debuted at #76 on the UK Albums Chart.


The cover for the album was photographed by Tim Barber. In an interview for his official website, Healy claimed that "I wanted a portrait of what I looked like at that very second. I wanted to show that I was no longer the little boy that appeared on the inside sleeve of The Man Who. I did think about other images, but they just didn't feel right. This one looked particularly cool."[11]

As a thank you for his work on the album, Healy honoured Paul McCartney by becoming a vegetarian. "My wife and I were sitting at the table, thinking of a way to thank Paul, and I suggested becoming a vegetarian. As our son is already a vegetarian, all it required was jumping onto the same boat. When I met Paul at one of his gigs in Berlin, I told him and he was visibly flabbergasted. Three days later the FedEx man delivered three Linda McCartney cookbooks."[12]

In August 2010, Healy announced that the first single from the album would be "Buttercups".[13] In an interview for Spin, Healy revealed: "'Buttercups' was written about an experience in my art school days, when my then girlfriend turned her nose up at flowers I had picked for her. I couldn't afford fancy roses, so I thought that hand-picked flowers would be more romantic. She didn't think so. That relationship didn't last long."[14]


  1. "In the Morning" - 2:53
  2. "Anything" - 4:14
  3. "Sing Me to Sleep" (feat. Neko Case) - 3:59
  4. "Fly in the Ointment" - 3:13
  5. "As It Comes" - 2:45
  6. "Buttercups" - 3:56
  7. "Shadow Boxing" - 4:35
  8. "Holiday" - 3:42
  9. "Rocking Chair" - 3:06
  10. "Moonshine" - 2:35
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks + Digibook
11. "Sierra Leone" - 3:11
Super Deluxe Edition w/Bonus DVD
12. "The Making of Wreckorder" (Video)
iTunes Bonus Tracks
11. "Sierra Leone" - 3:11
12. "As It Comes" (Demo) - 2:56
13. "Zebra" - 3:23
Japanese Bonus Tracks
11. "Sierra Leone" - 3:11
12. "Buttercups" (Instrumental) - 3:56
13. "Robot (Skit for Comedy Show)" - 2:29


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