Wrestling at the Commonwealth Games

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Wrestling is an optional sport for men only that was 1 of 6 to be feature on the Programme in Hamilton 1930. Participation has risen from 3 countries to 17 sending athletes to Manchester 2002. Wrestling did not feature in Melbourne 2006 but makes a return to the Programme in Delhi 2010 and is included in Glasgow 2014.


Games Year Host city Host country Best Nation
I 1930 Hamilton, Ontario  Canada  Canada
II 1934 London  England  Canada
III 1938 Sydney,  Australia  Australia
IV 1950 Auckland  New Zealand  Australia
V 1954 Vancouver  Canada  South Africa
VI 1958 Cardiff  Wales  South Africa
VII 1962 Perth  Australia  Pakistan
VIII 1966 Kingston  Jamaica  Pakistan
IX 1970 Edinburgh  Scotland  India
X 1974 Christchurch  New Zealand  Canada
XI 1978 Edmonton, Alberta  Canada  Canada
XII 1982 Brisbane, Queensland  Australia  Canada
XIII 1986 Edinburgh  Scotland  Canada
XIV 1990 (Not included) Auckland  New Zealand
XV 1994 Victoria,  Canada  Canada
XVI 1998 (Not included) Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia
XVII 2002 Manchester  England  Canada
XVIII 2006 (Not included) Melbourne  Australia
XIX 2010 Delhi  India  India
XX 2014 Glasgow  Scotland  Canada

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