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Wright Robinson Hall is a hall of residence of The University of Manchester, very close to Manchester Piccadilly station in Manchester. It was a flagship hall of UMIST and became a University of Manchester hall when UMIST and Victoria University of Manchester merged into The University of Manchester.[citation needed]

Wright Robinson Hall is connected to the Barnes Wallis Building however the buildings are always referred to as separate structures.[citation needed]

In February 2008, a component of the Vimto statue on Granby Row was thrown down the South stairwell of the building, causing serious structural damage.[citation needed]


The hall has 14 floors (C to Q) accessible to students - there is no I floor. C Floor is the ground floor, D floor houses the laundry room and Q floor has only maintenance/service rooms. E to P floors are each a flat of 15 bedrooms, one 'Common Room Kitchen' and two bathrooms. This makes for 165 bedrooms. Room 8 on each floor is a 'supersingle' bedroom, about twice the size of the other bedrooms.[citation needed]


The hall offers 40 week p.a. contracts, allowing students to inhabit the rooms all year round except during summer. This costs £4,070 or £4,624 for the supersingle room.[1]


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Coordinates: 53°28′31″N 2°13′55″W / 53.47535°N 2.23187°W / 53.47535; -2.23187