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Wú Chéng (1249 – 1333) (traditional Chinese: 吳澄; simplified Chinese: 吴澄), courtesy names Yòuqīng (Chinese: 幼清) and Bóqīng (Chinese: 伯清), art names Yīwúshānrén (Chinese: 一吾山人) and Caolu Xiansheng (草廬先生; lit. "Mr. Grass Hut"), was a scholar, educator, poet in Yuan Dynasty.

Among Caolu's contributions there is a famous condemnation of the divination practice as described in the "Great Plan" section of the Shang Shu. According to him, the enlightened Ji Zi, responsible for transmission of the teaching about the divination prevailing over opinions of nobles and ordinary people, was under the sway of the Shang dynasty superstitions. The matter is discussed in Karlgren's commentaries on the "Great Plan" (Nylan, 1992:169).