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Coordinates: 25°4′24.1″N 121°25′42.2″E / 25.073361°N 121.428389°E / 25.073361; 121.428389

Wugu District in the administrative map of New Taipei

Wugu District (Chinese: 五股區; pinyin: Wǔgǔ Qū; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ngó͘ -kó͘ Khu) is a suburban district in the western part of New Taipei City in northern Taiwan. It has an area of 34.86 km² and a population of 81,763 people (2014).


In the 19th century the area was known as Go-Ko-Khi (五穀坑 [POJ: Ngó͘-kok-khiⁿ] or 五股坑 [Ngó͘-kó͘-khiⁿ]). Until the 25 December 2010 creation of New Taipei, Wugu was a rural township (五股鄉; Wǔgǔ Xiāng; Gō͘-kó͘-hiong; Postal map spelling: Wuku) in the former Taipei County.

Notorious Kuomintang general Chen Yi was interred in Wugu following his execution.

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Wugu is served by the Zhongshan Freeway (National Highway No. 1) and Provincial Highway No. 64 expressway.

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