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The Wuhan World Trade Tower (Chinese: 武汉世界贸易大厦) is a 273 metre (896 foot) tall skyscraper located in Wuhan, China. As of April 2006, it is the tallest completed building in Wuhan however will be surpassed in late 2006 by the Minsheng Bank Building.

It was completed in 1998 and has 60 floors, 2 of which are underground and the remaining 58 are above ground. The tower serves for office purposes.

The tower is 273 metres up to the antenna however it is 248 metres tall up to the spire and 229 metres tall up to the roof.

As of April 2006, it is the 56th tallest existing building in the world when measured up to the highest architectural point.

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Coordinates: 30°34′58″N 114°15′47″E / 30.58278°N 114.26306°E / 30.58278; 114.26306