Wushantou Dam

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For the district in New Taipei City, see Shimen District.
Wushantou Dam
Coral Lake Tainan from airplane window.JPG
Wushantou Dam (Coral Lake) from airplane window
Country Republic of China
Location Guantian District, Tainan
Coordinates 23°12′08″N 120°22′06″E / 23.20222°N 120.36833°E / 23.20222; 120.36833Coordinates: 23°12′08″N 120°22′06″E / 23.20222°N 120.36833°E / 23.20222; 120.36833
Construction began 1920
Opening date 1930
Dam and spillways
Type of dam rockfill
Impounds Zengwun River
Height 56 m (184 ft)[1]
Length 1,273 m (4,177 ft)[1]
Dam volume 11,020,928 cubic metres (389,200,400 cu ft)
Spillway type free-flow
Spillway capacity 1,500 m3/s (53,000 cu ft/s)[1]
Creates Wushantou Reservoir
Catchment area 58 km2 (22 sq mi)[1]
Surface area 13 km2 (3,200 acres)[1]
Normal elevation 58.18 m (190.9 ft)[1]
Power station
Turbines 8.75 + 11.52 MW
Installed capacity 20.27 MW
Annual generation 84 million KWh
Wushantou Reservoir

Wushantou Dam (Chinese: 烏山頭水庫; pinyin: Wūshāntóu Shuǐkù), also known as Coral Lake (Chinese: 珊瑚潭; pinyin: Shānhútán) based on its shape, is an embankment dam in Guantian District, Tainan, Taiwan. The dam was designed by Yoichi Hatta and built by the Japanese between 1920 and 1930 during the occupation of Taiwan to provide irrigation water for the Chianan Plain. Because the natural flow of the Guantian River and other local streams was insufficient for irrigation of a planned 100,000 ha (250,000 acres), a tunnel was constructed to divert water from the Zengwun River to fill the reservoir.[2] In 1974, the Zengwun Dam was completed on the Zengwun River shortly above the diversion tunnel, stabilizing and reducing the sediment load of water flowing into Wushantou Reservoir.

The dam consists of a curved embankment 50.5 m (166 ft) high and 1,273 m (4,177 ft) long, containing 5,400,000 m3 (7,100,000 cu yd) of material. The reservoir comprises 9 km2 (2,200 acres) and can store up to 154,160 dam3 (124,980 acre·ft) of water. A concrete overflow spillway is located shortly to the south of the dam, providing a maximum outflow of 1,500 m3/s (53,000 cu ft/s). The dam sits at the head of a 58 km2 (22 sq mi) catchment area, which increases to 539 km2 (208 sq mi) when including the portion of the Zengwun River watershed diverted into the reservoir.[3]

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