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Wusong (simplified Chinese: 吴淞; traditional Chinese: 吳淞; pinyin: Wúsōng), formerly Woosung, is a port town located fourteen miles downriver from Shanghai.

The Battle of Woosung occurred on 16 June 1842 between British and Chinese forces during the First Opium War. It was the site of China's first telegraph wires and first railroad, both running to Shanghai along what is today the route of the Shanghai Metro's elevated Line 3. Tongji University was founded here in 1909. During World War II, this town was the site of an internment camp for marines captured on Wake Island. The Woosung area was abolished in 1964 and incorporated into Baoshan District.


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Coordinates: 31°22′30″N 121°30′0″E / 31.37500°N 121.50000°E / 31.37500; 121.50000