Wustermark railway station

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Wustermark railway station
Station statistics
Address Wustermark, Brandenburg,  Germany
Coordinates 52°33′07″N 12°56′19″E / 52.55194°N 12.93861°E / 52.55194; 12.93861Coordinates: 52°33′07″N 12°56′19″E / 52.55194°N 12.93861°E / 52.55194; 12.93861
Line(s) Berlin–Lehrte railway
Platforms 2
Tracks 5
Other information
Opened 15 July 1871

Wustermark (German: Bahnhof Wustermark) is a railway station located in Wustermark, Germany. The station opened on 15 July 1871 and is located on the Berlin-Lehrte Railway. The train services are operated by Deutsche Bahn and Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn (ODEG).

Train services[edit]

The station is serves by the following service(s):[1]

  • Regional services RE 4 Rathenow - Wustermark - Berlin - Ludwigsfelde - Jüterbog
  • Peak hour services RB 13 Wustermark - Berlin-Spandau
  • Local services RB 21 Wustermark - Golm - Potsdam (- Griebnitzsee - Berlin)
Preceding station   Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn   Following station
toward Rathenow
RE 4
toward Jüterbog
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
Terminus RB
Terminus RB


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